A Winning Pair: Enhance your Pitches and Proposals with AI

A Winning Pair: Enhance your Pitches and Proposals with AI

Domain: Business Development, Technology Management

Firms of the future are connecting their people, processes, data, and technology, using AI and other advanced tools to better leverage the firm’s collective knowledge and improve win rates. With a resurgence in the use of RFPs by clients seeking to streamline outside counsel, lower costs on certain matters, and improve overall value, firms must answer the demand. Using AI to drive greater automation of RFP responses, marketing and business development professionals can cut down on time spent manually tagging content and can better manage the high volume of RFP requests.

In this session, we will explore how AI-powered RFPs leverage the depth and breadth of a firm’s collective intelligence to quickly and easily produce smart, professional-looking pitches and proposals.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify ways to enhance your experience management and proposal generation technologies using AI.
  • Discuss how to improve win rates by garnering your firm’s collective intelligence to create compelling proposals.
Lavinia Calvert, GM, Marketing and Business Development Solutions, Intapp
Ray Meiring, CEO, QorusDocs
Deborah Farone, Strategic Marketing Advisor, Farone Advisors
Cat Wirth, Global Operations Director for Business Development Marketing & Communications, Baker McKenzie

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