5 Steps to Bridging the Generational Gap in Law Firms

5 Steps to Bridging the Generational Gap in Law Firms

Domain: Communications

Call me. Send an email. Mail a hard copy. Let’s meet face-to-face. No, FaceTime will do. Generational differences in the workplace are on the rise. In this session, you’ll learn how multiple generations receive and deliver information through verbal and non-verbal communications. The panel — consisting of a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer and Millennial — will present real-life scenarios on how to effectively overcome generational differences while serving and supporting client teams, preparing for client visits, and collaborating on RFPs to better serve the firm.

Topics include:

  • How to identify and raise awareness of generational differences
  • How to improve communication and active listening skills between generations
  • Best practices for accommodating the needs and values of different generations
  • How to find the balance between building on traditional practices and supporting flexibility and creativity
  • How to work more effectively in teams by addressing generational differences

Nicole Abboud, Millennial Speaker & Consultant, Attorney, Podcaster, Abboud Media
Iris Jones, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
Danyel Patrick, Business Development Coordinator, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

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