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Domain: Business of Law and Client Services

P3 Rewards: Trends in Partner Compensation Redesign

Law firm compensation lags the innovations taking place elsewhere in the firm. When partners embrace alternative fees, efficiency, client satisfaction, and firm profitability, they often forgo compensation linked to billing hours. Learn what firms are doing to incorporate new metrics and processes to properly reward the "right" behavior. We will discuss both the financial elements and potentially disruptive process of changing compensation plans.

What IS a Legal Service? Or...How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Lawyers

The perception of legal services in our culture is undergoing an enormous shift and creating a much more competitive and useful legal market, where firms large and small can compete on value, where in-house counsel can have truly strategic and collaborative relationships with external advisors, where start-ups and consumers can easily source services, and where the bar can fulfill its potential as a professional organization rich with thinkers, innovators, researchers, speakers and dealmakers. This shift is removing superfluous practices and traditions — expensive "Class A" office space with pictures of London on the walls, antediluvian 30-page memos, unknowable and uncomparable hourly rates and hidden fees, Byzantine firm websites evoking a strange mix of "Geocities" and "Infinite Jest," limitations on non-lawyer ownership of law firms — while bringing new opportunities for lawyers and other providers to redefine what a legal service means today.
This talk will explore and detail the unprecedented opportunities for experimentation, competition, growth and leadership in the current landscape of legal services.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

"TED Talks" are noted for their personal stories and some of the best are occasionally borderline gossip. (Not that any of us would EVER gossip at a conference.) So let's listen in on the highlights of HBR Consulting's latest law department survey, including some special feedback on pricing and project management, illustrated with real stories from clients* of the best and worst experiences related to pricing and project management.

Eric Meltzer, RGP
Timothy B. Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting Group
Sharon Quaintance, HBR Consulting

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