2020 Next Big Thing: Service Metamorphosis 2.0: Where Does “Service” Live and What Role Does It Play in a Global Pandemic?

2020 Next Big Thing: Service Metamorphosis 2.0:  Where Does “Service” Live and What Role Does It Play in a Global Pandemic?

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Domains: Business of Law and Client Services

In “normal” years, as legal marketers, we are typically looking for the “thing” that can distinguish and differentiate our firms, help us drive more business – and frankly, can let us excel in meaningful ways inside our law firms. But 2020 isn’t normal – and 2021 isn’t likely to be either.

We are united in the workday fatigue we feel because of fears of our families or us getting sick, sheltering in place, working from home, videoconferencing, having little or no face-to-face contact with our teams and lawyers, and the uncertainty of how long this will last. Our lawyers and clients are experiencing these and other challenges.

In conversations with CMOs and marketing directors, we hear that their days are busier and longer than ever. Triage has been the unifying theme – fast-on-your-feet responses; forced to make binary choices of this, not that; re-budgeting and reprioritizing things at the speed of light; plus more and more and more. As we continue to emerge from the triage into our new way of doing business, client retention, growth and service is a priority.

To respond to this, our 2020 Next Big Thing Co-Chairs, Brenda Plowman (CMO, Fasken) and Deborah McMurray (CEO, Content Pilot) have pivoted to design an interactive regional session that will elevate service in a way that is relevant to what clients need most from their lawyers today and as they plan for tomorrow.

Our over-arching goal for the regional program is to help marketers break through the triage and design an active service strategy and tactics that reflect the current business environment.

Attendees will learn ways law firms at any stage of the Service Metamorphosis spectrum can shift by considering new ways to deliver service and run their law firms in a more streamlined way. The pandemic requires us to get back to the basics in service, focus on what matters to clients and build this into a sustainable model. 

Highly interactive program (via Zoom):

During this session, speakers and attendees will review five disruptors that will focus on better service.  We will come back together to hear what each team recommends, have time for Q&A and conclude – all within 75 minutes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss how to bridge the delta between where you are in your triage mode to where your firm needs to be as we approach 2021
  • Understand five pandemic-inspired disruptors that will help you deliver better service at a sustainable speed
  • Take away a Service Metamorphosis 2.0 Law Firm Assessment tool, which helps you analyze the state of service in your firms – it’s more relevant than ever
  • Evaluate your service approaches to ensure they are relevant in today’s environment and modify where necessary

Terra Liddell, Chief Marketing Officer, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP
Jonathan Mattson, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Stinson LLP
Deborah McMurray, Founder, CEO, and Strategy Architect, Content Pilot LLC (2020 NBT Co-Chair)
Brenda Plowman, Chief Marketing Officer, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP (2020 NBT Co-Chair)
Thomas D. Smanik, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

 Complimentary for Members

Note: this program is available to anyone who was unable to attend a NBT Regional Roadshow or would like to dive deeper into the discussion. This program will last the full 75-minutes and will be sharing resources to help guide you through the presentation.

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