2019 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey

2019 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey

Sponsored by: CMO SIG

Domains: Business Development and Communications 
BoK Competencies: Competitive Intelligence and Interactive & Digital Marketing 

For the second straight year, decision makers in corporate legal departments and across the C-suite surveyed say it’s not so much the length, headline or even the source that most attracts them to a piece of content, but rather one simple attribute: utility — information or insights they can act on.

Or maybe it’s not so simple. Viewed alongside 2019’s full survey results, the finding gathers complexity, as it’s clear that in-house counsel and C-suite officers define utility quite differently — and that these differences reveal what they look for in specific content types, explain why certain content misses the mark and tell us how they can be engaged more effectively through social or other digital media.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify what in-house counsel and C-suite officers look for in their content, where they agree, where they differ, and what it all means.
  • Discuss where legal marketers are succeeding today — and where they may have an opportunity to improve — in distributing and creating content.
  • Learn how to more effectively create and distribute content to in-house counsel and C-suite members in ways that will make them click, read and pay attention.

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