2018 State of Digital and Content Marketing

2018 State of Digital and Content Marketing

Sponsored by: CMO SIG and Social & Digital Media SIG
Domains: Business Development and Communications
BoK Competencies: Competitive Intelligence and Interactive & Digital Marketing 

In Greentarget and Zeughauser Group’s most recent studies, it’s been established that corporate executives, including in-house counsel, are being inundated with content from multiple sources and publishers, not the least of which are professional service providers – law firms, accounting firms and management consulting firms – vying for market share. But some of that content is getting through. In the 2018 State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey, we ask why. Why are some pieces of content valued and some ignored? And what behaviors, criteria, variables, and processes influence that decision? Please join us on June 6 as John Corey, Founding Partner of Greentarget, and Mary K Young, partner with Zeughauser Group, present the 2018 data while touching on historical baselines from this nearly decade-long research project.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify how in-house counsel are consuming content today.
  • Learn what types of content in-house counsel most frequently consume, value and prefer.
  • Understand how firms can optimize content strategy and delivery in keeping with today's inundated general counsel.

Mary K Young, Partner, Zeughauser Group 
John Corey, President and Founding Partner, Greentarget

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