2017 Next Big Thing: AI- Now “The Next Big Thing” is Just “The Big Thing” (Where Can You and Your Firm Dig In?)

2017 Next Big Thing: AI- Now “The Next Big Thing” is Just “The Big Thing” (Where Can You and Your Firm Dig In?)

Sponsored by: LMA International 
Domain: Business of Law
BoK Competencies: Business Structures and Trends & Market and Business Intelligence 

More than two years ago the International Board of the LMA asked Elonide Semmes and Mark Greene to conduct undertake an intelligence project to try to figure out what was most likely to be the “Next Big Thing” (NBT) impacting law firms, and legal marketing in particular. It quickly became evident to them that the NBT would absolutely be Artificial Intelligence (AI). They presented their findings to the Board who unanimously agreed with their conclusion, and work immediately began gathering more information and adding AI experts Patrick Fuller and Mark Masson to the team.

Since then, more than 40 presentations have been made via panels at National Conferences all the way down to city groups. Meanwhile, AI in legal has exploded; it really is the Next Big Thing. Many advances predicted back in 2016 to occur “in the next few years” have already come to pass and as a result the presentation has evolved along the way.

This program will provide a brief look back at what we saw coming back in 2016, but much more important, it will show how AI has advanced in the business and practice of law, and how it is poised to fulfill its promise of “better, faster, cheaper” in the next couple of years as it permeates law firms and integrates with blockchain and other technologies. We’ll also do our best to separate the hype (and there’s LOTS of that) from the substance.

We’re cresting this roller coaster’s first hill, this webinar will take a look at the wild ride ahead.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of AI today in the business (especially marketing) and practice of law
  • Know how to keep up with this fast changing field and separate today’s AI reality versus the hype
  • Understand how others are extracting value and putting AI to work… practically

Mark T. Greene, Ph.D., President, Market Intelligence LLC
Patrick Fuller, Sr. Director, Legal Intelligence, ALM
Elonide Semmes, President, Right Hat LLC
Mark J. Masson, Principal, Axiom Consulting Partners

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