2017 Midwest Tech Conf - Ted-Talk Segment 2

2017 Midwest Tech Conf - Ted-Talk Segment 2

The following content is presented by the LMA Midwest Region.

Domains: Business Development, Business of Law, Client Services, Communications, Marketing Management and Leadership and Technology Management

Ted-Talk 1 - 5 Technology Tools that will Help Your Lawyers in Growing their Practices

When coaching attorneys on business development best practices, it’s important to find the most efficient ways to sell legal services. Technology is all around us like a storm cloud of confusion. Sometimes it’s hard for attorneys to cut through it all to find the real value. In this TED-Style talk, Steve Fretzin will share technology best practices as it relates directly to assisting your lawyers in growing their books of business.

Pointers will include:

  • Social media pros and cons
  • Buying into your CRM and getting more value from it
  • Developing positive habits through your calendar
  • E-Learning to build your business development skills
  • Blogging and building your online brand

By leveraging technology in more positive manner with your team and the lawyers you service, everyone’s job can be much more productive.

Mr. Fretzin is a noted author, speaker and business development coach focused on helping attorneys to grow their law practices. He has spoken at the ABA, LMA and various legal associations around the country.

Presenter: Steve Fretzin, Fretzin, Inc.

Ted-Talk 2 - The Marketing Spotlight, How to Handle Attorneys and Do What's Best for the Firm 

Most attorneys are starting to figure out that the "marketing spotlight" is a good place to be. They get notified of opportunities that could potentially build their book of business. The problem for marketing departments develops when multiple attorneys want the spotlight. My TED talk will delve into juggling attorney relationships between each other and between the marketing department. 

Presenter: Cassandra Kotek, McKee, Voorhees & Sease PLC

Ted-Talk 3 - The Power of Podcasting 

Podcasting is gaining popularity due to advancements in technology and as consumers become more discriminate about where they want to spend their time. The average person is on their phone five hours a day, talking or viewing content. How do you stand out? Podcasting is powerful, effective, long-lasting, and affordable.  

There are a number of popular podcast series produced by production companies for lawyers but few law firms have taken the initiative to strike out as original podcast producers. Come learn how you can create audio content  in a new and exciting way and potentially please your clients and targets. We will explore the ethical and technical issues facing legal podcasters.

Presenter: Heather McMichael, Listen to Lawyers

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