2017 Midwest Tech Conf - Ted-Talk Segment 1

2017 Midwest Tech Conf - Ted-Talk Segment 1

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Ted-Talk 1 - Web Accessibility – True Inclusion in Legal Marketing 

As legal marketers, our role is to help law firms connect their expertise with the people who need it. But what if your law firm’s website isn’t accessible to people with impaired vision, hearing or other disabilities no matter their need for legal services? 
Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the internet. More specifically, Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the internet. Web accessibility also benefits others including the many older people with changing abilities due to aging.  Apart from the obvious business reasons, building accessible websites serves the important role of promoting a culture of inclusion.  And soon, your firm may not have a choice.

Nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in America according to the US Census Bureau. Passed in 1990, The Americans with Disabilities Act didn’t foresee what the internet would become. But that doesn’t mean that companies that fail to comply with the Act haven’t faced legal repercussions. In recent years, The Department of Justice has been taking a more active role in reviewing websites, and there have been several lawsuits brought against companies for inaccessible websites.

More than simply avoiding possible legal repercussions, law firms should have accessible websites because 1) accessible websites reflect firm values, and show a commitment to providing legal services to all people and 2) because building accessible websites is good for everyone, even those of us without a disability. Simply put, accessible design is good design. It clears obstacles. It creates a better flow, and better layout across devices, and better performance in places with slow internet speeds. Best of all, it promotes collaboration with, and inclusion of, all of our citizens.

In this talk, I’m going to discuss the principles of accessible design, how to check to see if your firm’s website is accessible, and how to collaborate with developers, lawyers, and legal marketers, to ensure that your firm’s expertise is with in reach of everyone. (In Canada, many law firms have been held to web accessibility standards for a few years already and the majority of the country will have such requirements in place by 2018.)

Presenter: Lynn Foley, fSquared Marketing

Ted-Talk 2 - Artificial Intelligence and The Very Scary Future of Law 

It’s a brave new world. A whole new ballgame. “I, Robot” has already come to Law. The HAL 9000 is in charge of the ship.
IBM’s “Watson” computer that beat Jeopardy is already overhauling both health care and financial services, and it’s focused its unblinking red eye on the legal industry. It’s a game changer.

In this presentation Ross will explain precisely how, and what to do about it, based upon 50 hours of EXCLUSIVE in-person interviews Ross conducted with IBM's Watson Group's Global CMO.

The legal profession’s most-specialized technical expert will have read a mere handful of the thousands of the relevant articles, tweets, blog posts, footnotes, studies, and surveys. Watson will have read and dissected all of them, however obtuse and obscure, in every language, worldwide. And it can provide detailed analysis based upon that vast knowledge.


  • Why should a national bank pay a global firm’s most-specialized expert $1,000 per hour when every small-town solo practitioner with a Lexis subscription and Internet connection has access to significantly deeper insight?
  • Why should an insurance company pay first-year associates to spend thousands of hours comparing the clauses in hundreds of similar contracts when a computer program can accomplish the same task in mere seconds, with perfect accuracy?
  • Why hire a big-firm litigator with 25 years of experience to conduct three years of intrusive discovery before settling a complex dispute, when a computer program can tell the CEO in ten seconds that there’s a 92% chance that this particular dispute will settle for $1.4-$1.55 million?
  • Why hire a skilled jury consultant to provide her best “gut” impression of each juror when Watson will be able to analyze 20 years of data points, every single Facebook or blog post, high school friends, private clubs, tax records, marriage records, and Internet search history, to calculate that there’s an 87% chance that that person will vote for the defense?

That’s the future. It’s not pie-in-the-sky science fiction or wild-eyed theory. It’s here. Now. And it’s going to profoundly change the legal profession. There will be winners and losers. The winners are those who understand that the asteroid has already hit and the landscape will be very different, very soon, and be able to adapt. The dinosaurs who are slow to adapt will die. 
Most lawyers dislike change. As marketers, it’s our job to bring them up to speed on this revolutionary issue, and help them prepare for the inevitable.

It’s terrifying. But forewarned is forearmed.

With the rare insight obtained from hundreds of hours of in-person discussions with IBM Watson’s Global CMO, Ross will discuss these and other revolutionary issues.

Presenter: Ross Fishman, JD, Fishman Marketing Inc.

Ted-Talk 3 - High-engagement Websites: Harnessing Technology to Make Your Website "Sticky"

High-engagement websites are “sticky.” They include an array of features – like algorithm-driven content teasers – that are designed to keep visitors glued to the website. These features were once exclusive to huge websites like NYTimes.com, but they are now available to law firms. Why is it important for law firms to maximize engagement on their websites? Because engaging a website visitor is the first step to converting them to becoming a client.

The more time a visitor spends reading your insights and learning about your experience, the greater the chance that they will pick up the phone and start a dialog with you. During a 15-minute, TED-style talk, Robert Algeri will discuss ways to maximize user engagement on law firm websites.

He will dig into three cutting-edge features:

  • Artificial Intelligence – Using algorithms to target the right content for each of your visitors
  • Content Teasing – Building “suggested content” teasers into every page of your site
  • Integrated Blogs – Taking full advantage of your firm’s most valuable content.

Presenter: Robert S. Algeri, Great Jakes Marketing Company

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