Canada LMANext: Can I go to Woodstock? Telling Stories that Motivate Specific Actions

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Friday, May 14, 2021 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 PM EDT

Speaker: Chris Graham, Founder, TellPeople

Most people agree that stories are important, but few can say how stories work. How do stories affect listener behavior? What’s the difference between good and bad stories? Part of the answer comes from jury deliberations. In the 1980s, researchers discovered that jurors use stories as a way to simplify complex evidence at trial. (This is what it means to win by ‘telling the best story’.)

Once you understand the principle, you can start to use storytelling to motivate behaviour in different contexts: a lawyer talking to a jury, a legal marketer pitching business, or a teenage Chris Graham trying to convince his parents to let him go to the Woodstock Music Festival.

Join us to learn: 

How stories work and the specific ways that stories affect human behavior.

How to recognize the difference between good and bad stories.

How to make effective use of storytelling in your professional practice.

How to support colleagues throughout your organization in telling better stories.


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Learn More About Our Speaker

Chris Graham, Founder, TellPeople

Chris has worked at one of the world’s top banking law firms (Sullivan & Cromwell LLP) and one of Canada’s top Aboriginal rights law firms (Pape & Salter LLP). He’s founded a performing arts series, a music festival, and a stand-up comedy fundraiser (for Camp Ooch, a camp for kids with cancer, where Chris is also a counsellor).

Chris studied at Oxford University, University of Toronto Law School, and Acadia University, and is a graduate of the stand-up comedy program at The Second City in Toronto. He is currently a speaker coach at TEDxToronto, Canada’s largest TED conference.

In 2016, Chris founded TellPeople, a vehicle for teaching storytelling and communication to professionals. He now spends his time traveling around Canada, and increasingly North America, helping top-flight professionals talk about their ideas in ways that clients can understand and find compelling.

Learn more at TellPeople and reach out via LinkedIn.

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