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Mid-Atlantic Legal Tech Bootcamp Series Package

Tech Stack: Evaluating, Implementing, and Driving Adoption

November 3, 2021 - December 7, 2021 | 12:00 PM Eastern

Having the right marketing systems in your firm’s tech stack can make the difference between success and failure. But how do you find the right tech tool? Will it address the problem at hand? How do you implement and get people to use it? And what happens after rollout?

This four-part bootcamp will explore best practices and what pitfalls to avoid when it comes to accurately defining your business need, evaluating your current and future tech stack components, making the business case for a new system, and implementing your purchase with optimal adoption. We will also explore how you can leverage a successful technology project to drive your own professional development forward.

Body of Knowledge (BoK): Technology Management, Business Development, Communications, Business of Law

November 3 - Evaluating Your Tech Stack and Products

Remember that you need to walk before you run. Before concluding you simply need an additional system in your tech stack, set a strong foundation with this session’s best practices on how to:

  • Evaluate your current stack, i.e., what you have, what are your goals, and how you measure it
  • Define your business needs and what you need the tech tool to solve
  • Review and select the best service provider for the challenge you face


  • Jennifer Klyse, Principal, Klyse Advisory Group
  • Jessica Aries, Digital Marketing Strategist, By Aries


  • Betsy Padgett, Sr. Account Executive at RDA Corporation
November 9 - Implementing Your Purchase and Driving Adoption (Part 1)

You prevailed and firm management signed off on the new system --- now the hard work begins. Session two will narrow in on how to implement the new technology for which you successfully advocated. Our experts will share case studies and real-world examples on how best to:

  • Implement new technology
  • Drive optimal user adoption
  • Define and measuring success


  • John Witts, Director, Marketing Technology, Faegre Drinker
  • Michelle Woodyear, Director of Digital Marketing, Covington & Burling


  • Betsy Padgett, Sr. Account Executive at RDA Corporation
December 2 - Implementing Your Purchase and Driving Adoption (Part 2)

Successfully securing and rolling out a new marketing tech system is an awesome achievement for any marketer. However, things are not done when the rollout is “over.” It is now time to care and feed your technology. Marketing technology is fundamental changing the way our lawyers work, and savvy marketers will integrate change management principals through the life cycle of a product. Our speakers will run you through what you need to do on an ongoing basis to:

  • Maintain user engagement
  • Evaluate possible upgrades, reconfigurations, and customizations


  • Rachel Shields Williams, Director, Knowledge Management Technology, Sidley Austin


  • Betsy Padgett, Sr. Account Executive at RDA Corporation
December 7 - Leveraging Your Tech Stack to Drive Your Own Professional Growth

Our penultimate session will focus on you – yes you! Join our experts to ensure that you keep yourself on the radar as you dive into securing, launching, and managing a new legal technology system. Make sure you are not left behind after the new system has been rolled out. Our experts will focus on:

  • What skills are needed to be a MarTech leader
  • Change management
  • Understanding your firm’s business and the business problem at hand
  • Collaborating with firm resources beyond your department


  • Sarah Dicaro, Director of Marketing Operations, Director of Marketing Operations, Perkins Coie
  • Ann Meyer,  Director of Marketing Technology, Fisher & Phillips


  • Betsy Padgett, Sr. Account Executive at RDA Corporation

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