From Mission Approval to Liftoff: How to Craft and Launch a Sustainable CX Program

From Mission Approval to Liftoff: How to Craft and Launch a Sustainable CX Program

Domain: Client Services

Much like space exploration, client experience (CX) can be daunting and overwhelming. CX is hard to define and wildly complex, with implications on recruiting and engaging talent, business development, billing and fee care, and so much more. The pandemic has underscored how critical and urgent the need is to deepen our firms investment in CX to propel our firms forward and stand out in a crowded universe.

But, how to get started? In this fun and fast-paced session, Alyson Fieldman and Jennifer Carro will share a case study on how Marcum LLP, a leading national accounting firm, designed its CX strategy and launched its CX program. They will explain how they created a business case and CX strategy, built a team internally, set realistic goals and priorities for the program including a 2-year roadmap, and launched the program. The duo will share the initial outcomes and successes of the program, and explain how the firm continues to invest in longer-term client-centric initiatives.

In small groups, you will have a chance to explore many of the basic tenets of CX “ from client feedback to journey mapping and client service standards “ to see what is right for your firm. Through a variety of hands-on activities, you will go on exploratory journey to uncover how to build your own CX rocket ship and get to a successful launch.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain Mission Approval – Learn how to effectively build a business case for CX that leads to executive buy-in. You will not only hear how to sell the “why” behind CX, but also how to secure resources and identify accountability mechanisms to ensure CX success.
  • Assemble Your Crew – Learn how to create a governance model with key stakeholders and CX advocates within your firm that offers diverse perspectives and serves as a guiding light for CX prioritization and problem solving.
  • Design the Mission – Learn how to construct a compelling CX vision statement and set an overarching strategy that embodies what your CX program stands for. This vision and strategy will guide how you set CX priorities and realistic goals for your CX program year over year. 
  • Stabilize a Launch Pad – Learn how to develop techniques for launching your CX program that include educating the firm on what CX is (and isn’t), communicating your CX vision, and outlining what to expect over the next 12 months. 
  • Liftoff – Learn how to successfully launch your CX program in a way that builds excitement, engages employees and gets everyone at the firm invested in the success of your CX program.
  • Survive in Space – Learn how to create your own roadmap to sustain your program and generate ideas for new client experience initiatives as your firm’s CX aptitude progresses.
Alyson Fieldman, Chief Marketing Officer, Marcum LLP
Jennifer Carro, Director of Client Experience, Marcum LLP

Member Price: $59
Prospective Member Price: $79