A Message to the LMA Community

We all have a part in the process of creating a better future, and LMA commits to calling out injustice when we see it and supporting those who seek to rally against injustice.

We are deeply saddened for the current state of the United States and are moved to action to stand for humanity and anti-racism — and raise our global, collective voice for change.

As our first step, we are dedicated to creating the space to listen, engage in meaningful dialogue and offer resources to help our membership through the traumatic events surrounding the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others. This includes:

  • Creating an (online) space for you. We are developing a Town Hall platform to create a space for our members to discuss the recent events and hear more from you on how the organization can best support you and the industry during this time. We will be inviting and engaging sister organizations to further impact our community with this discussion.
  • Sharing best practices. We urge our members to leverage the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Shared Interest Group (SIG) discussion board to exchange ideas and share best practices on how we approach these recent events in our firms. If you are not a member of the SIG, we encourage you to connect and engage with your peers in these supportive and active forums.
  • Bringing informative education. In conjunction with the Well-Being Committee and the Diversity & Inclusion SIG, stay tuned for webinars that will help us navigate ways we can protect our mental health and continue to advocate for our D&I initiatives.

The unfolding events of the past week have brought forth feelings of grief, sadness, disbelief and so much more. We support those who are advocating for human rights and equal opportunities for all. While we recognize that there still is a long road ahead to counter the inequalities far too many of us face, LMA will continue to stand with our community around the world to advance constructive dialogue and solutions within the legal industry.

We are listening, and we are committed to the fight against racial injustice and discrimination.


Jill Huse Signature

Jill Huse
2020 LMA President
Partner, Society 54, LLC

Gia Altreche Signature

Gia Altreche
2020 Co-chair, LMA Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Director of Business Development & Marketing, Newmeyer & Dillion LLP

Jessica Aries Signature

Jessica Aries
2020 Co-chair, LMA Diversity and Inclusion Committee
CEO and Strategist, By Aries