Call for Leaders

Help Advance LMA as a Volunteer Leader

If you’re looking into the pathway toward taking a leadership role within LMA but don’t know where to start, review our many opportunities below.There are many reasons to get involved – from giving back to the organization, to expanding your leadership skills, gaining industry knowledge and creating an international professional network and lifelong friends. Below is information for the LMA Board of Directors, our regional governing boards and local steering committees.

Regional Governing Boards 

June 2023: Region Leader Nominations Now Closed

The regional nominating committees have begun their annual process of determining the slate of candidates to fill open seats on the 2024 Region Boards. After a diligent and thorough process over the next few months, LMA region members will ratify their Region Board slates in late summer 2023 and new boards will begin their service in January 2024.

Eligible members can submit their interest in serving on their Region’s Board by nominating themselves to be included on the slate or submitting a referral candidate in the referral section on the expression of interest form.

Please use the below links to access your regions expression of interest form:

  • LMA Europe (Now Closed)
  • LMA Canada (Now Closed)
  • LMA Northeast (Now Closed)
  • LMA Mid-Atlantic (Now Closed)
  • LMA Southeast (Now Closed)
  • LMA Midwest (Now Closed)
  • LMA Southwest (Now Closed)
  • LMA West (Now Closed)

Local Steering Committees

Please contact your respective regional board about open 2024 LSC positions. They can explain the roles, responsibilities and the nominations process.

International Board

The submission period for the LMA International Board of Directors has now closed. The deadline for applications was May 15, 2023. The 2024 board will be announced in September 2023 following the slate ratification. 

LMA seeks to fill the following voting International Board positions:

  • President-Elect (3-years: President-Elect in 2024, President in 2025, Immediate Past-President in 2026)
  • Treasurer-Elect (2-years: Treasurer-Elect in 2024, Treasurer in 2025)
  • 3 At-Large Board Members (2-years: January 1, 2024– December 31, 2025)
  • Regional Leaders’ Committee (“RLC”) Chair (1-year: January 1, 2024– December 31, 2024)

If you have questions, please see the FAQ document or contact Nominating Committee Chair and Immediate Past President Brenda Plowman, or Interim Chief Executive Officer, Ashley Stenger.

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