Webinars + Content Marketing: 5 Strategic Ideas Your Mother Never Told You

Webinars + Content Marketing: 5 Strategic Ideas Your Mother Never Told You

Sponsored by: ON24

Domain: Business Development and Communications
Competency: Presentation Skills and Message and Strategy Planning

Your firm already has webinars down to a science. Sure, they could be better, but you have a routine and feel like you’re doing all the right things.

Where marketers often miss the mark is in failing to take advantage of the full scope of webinars as a content marketing strategy. Webinars are not just 60-minute monthly events anymore. Today, it’s about scaling your content, repurposing it to drive new attendees to your archives, and merging webinar segments with existing digital assets so your attorneys can scale their time far beyond the initial 60-minute event. Firms with successful strategies aren’t simply doing a webinar and then moving on — they are following trends and stories as topics develop, and finding ways to repurpose content to continue the conversation.

Join Sam McKenna, Senior Director of Sales and Legal Marketing Development at ON24, and Adrian Lurssen, Co-Founder of JD Supra, for this interactive, high-level discussion on how marketers can up their game by transforming webinar events into new prospective clients and revenue.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify ways to repurpose your content to continue the conversation
  • Discuss how you can take full advantage of your content and learn how to scale
  • Apply an effective content marketing strategy to your webinar content


Adrian Lurssen, Co-Founder, JD Supra
Samantha McKenna, Senior Director of Legal Marketing Solutions, ON24

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