Exploring Mental Wellness in the Legal Marketing Industry

Exploring Mental Wellness in the Legal Marketing Industry

Sponsored by: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion SIG
Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership  
BoK Competency: Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics

It is important to understand where we are in the legal profession regarding the mental health and wellness issues that are impacting business professionals, staff and attorneys, how we got here, and what we can do to take action.  The presentation includes the results of the first-of-its-kind survey on the state of mental wellness in the legal marketing industry. This presentation will explore wellness as a professional competency, a driver of diversity and inclusion and as the business necessity it is.  Examples of how you can drive the conversation on wellness within your organization will be presented, including a discussion on education and advocacy in action.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand current state of mental wellness in legal marketing 
  • Explore wellness in relation to diversity & inclusion
  • Learn how to drive mental wellness as a topic of conversation within your organization

      Lynn Foley, CEO, fSquared Marketing
      Denise A. Robinson, Founding Principal, The Still Center LLC

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