Best-in-Breed Bios

Best-in-Breed Bios

Domain: Communications

Attorney bios are among the most trafficked pages across law firm websites. As key entry points to your attorneys and the firm as a whole, bios are an opportunity to sell each lawyer’s story and legal marketers must capitalize on them. Join this interactive presentation to address how to retain visitor interest, deliver relevant and engaging content to users, and pack each bio with a punch.

Topics include:

  • What analytics tell us about how users access and interact with bios
  • How to optimize bios from both a design and content standpoint
  • What clients and prospects expect from bios
  • Bio best practices, including insights from other industries

Anne Heathcock, Managing Director of Marketing, Winston & Strawn LLP
Mary M. Trice, Digital & Marketing Communications Manager, Winston & Strawn LLP

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