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Mental Snack Series: Exploring Gender Dynamics, Addressing Burnout Head On, and Approaching Wellbeing Within Your Firm

Moderator: Erika Ervin

Hello, I’m Erika!  I’ve been in the Health and Wellness industry for 15 years. But, before all this, I was working in a law firm studying for my LSAT. I worked closely with many attorneys and kept noticing the huge sacrifices, the stress and pressure in their day to day lives.

This is when I made a lifestyle decision and changed my path. All these years later, I still work with the Legal Industry but as a vendor. I am a Coach, Consultant, Professional Speaker and Event Facilitator. 

People’s lives depend on the competency of Attorneys, Judges and Legal Professionals. Competency is directly related to self-care in all dimensions of wellbeing. Frankly, minimal competency is not good enough. 

I am an advocate for your well-being. I’m an advocate for success with minimal sacrifice. I help people and Law Firms bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be both personally and professionally.


In need of a mental break or a positive jump start to your day? Join us for a three-part webinar series as we work together to fine-tune our wellbeing and wellness within the workplace. Erika Ervin with the Modern Yinster will moderate three 45 minute roundtables that will explore gender dynamics in the workplace, burnout, and approaching wellness within your departments or teams.

Erika will provide guidance through intimate discussions to help navigate key issues many legal marketers are seeing and experiencing daily.

Exploring Gender Dynamics | Part One

Wednesday, September 1 – A discussion on how to increase collaboration and role flexibility among genders in the legal industry.

Addressing Burnout Head On | Part Two

Wednesday, October 6 – A discussion on the new definition of burnout that helps release the stigma, and how to prevent burnout and recover from it.

Approaching Wellbeing Within Your Firm | Part Three

Wednesday, November 3 – Often well-being initiatives cannot easily be addressed from the top down and companywide. What is the best way for you to approach well-being within your law firm's dynamics? 

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